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Beautiful Shemale Joanna Jet

For this latest photo update on my HD web site www.joannajet.com, whilst getting ready before going on set, I get snapped on the toilet and after finishing my makeup, I offer a little preview show 😉 Enjoy!! Kisses, Joanna

Hi Joanna, What a delightful set of photographs! I really liked your choice in lingerie and shoes! Very classy and sexy! Were you about to pee in the sink in the second pic? How naughty of you! I wouldn’t mind holding your wonderful she cock and direct your pee stream some place other than the sink 😀 Yummo! This set reminded me of an early morning that an overnight guest walked in on me while I was peeing. He was wearing nothing except a raging hard on! I’ll let you guess how the rest of that played out!