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September 3, 2012

Joanna Jet Upgrades

A couple of weeks ago, I moved to a new spunky dedicated server with dual Xeon Westmere quad processors, a stack of memory and a seriously fat 1Ggps Internet connection. Having ensured that my members get a fast responsive web site, I have now implemented, on it’s 11th anniversary, a brand new look that is not only fresh and easier to navigate but is also more focused towards video and does a much better job of communicating just how much content my web site has to offer. In addition, I have now also added Cupertino Adaptive Bitrate Streaming to which means that all of my video can now be watched on iPads and iPhones over 3G/4G networks. Now that stage 1 & 2 have been completed, I am now working on stage 3 which will be to upgrade the considerable amount of 720P that I have in the member’s area to full 1080P and this will be available in both streaming and downloadable formats. Bottom line is that continues to deliver top-notch content in a way that is right up there with the Internet big guys 😉

Joanna Jet Upgrades

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