Joanna jet strokes and cums on her Pantyhose

Joanna jet strokes and cums on her Pantyhose. At first glance I thought that Shemale Pornstar Joanna Jet was about to do some painting in her white shorts and white high heels for this scene on her solo Shemale site. As it turns out though, Joanna Jet was just looking out for her furniture, because she has one big load of hot cum to shoot from her Shemale cock in this scene! I love this casual look that Joanna Jet is wearing here – shorts, high heels, and black pantyhose – classic! I’ll bet you all love seeing Joanna Jet’s Shemale cock stuck while fully erect in her black pantyhose. And of course, you can’t ever get tired of seeing Joanna Jet reveal that hot ass of hers either. Still, the money-shot is where Joanna Jet starts stroking off her Shemale cock and lets fly with one massive load of cum, soaking her black pantyhose! I’ll bet she’s sure glad she put that plastic down on her furniture!

Joanna jet strokes and cums on her Pantyhose joanna-jet-04

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