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Joanna Jet in Brazilian Lingerie

Brazilian Lingerie – Part 2
Features: Joanna Jet
82 pictures in set
As I mentioned in the glamour set, the brazilian lingerie does come off eventually and this is the set where it happens. Something very notable in this set but you would not know unless I mentioned it. It is that virtually no pictures were dropped from the shoot. Usually, there are a bunch where I have the wrong expression or I am just looking plain silly, but on this shoot, I was in just the right mood and every photo seemed to work. Must have just been feeling extra randy, or for the US members, horny ;-) See more

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Joanna Jet – Caught in the Rain

Joanna Jet - Caught in the Rain Joanna Jet - Caught in the Rain

Time for a new Update here at Joanna Jet . For this photoset on my HD web site, the lesson learnt is that when wearing a very tight white dress, dispensing with underwear is a great way to avoid those horrid bra and panty lines but you have to be very careful not to get caught in the rain!!! Enjoy!! Kisses, Joanna Jet